1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model

Condition: Bike is almost completely restored. All components except the front brakes are repainted. Many NOS items as well. Spec'd to almost exact bike that came out of the box back in 1987. See additional pictures below.

A couple notes about the build. The levers are Tech 77. Newer black levers were coupled with an older set with locking buttons to make an all black lever. I always prefered the Tech 77 lever. The superlace hubs are post-1987 because they are sealed mechanism. Laced on are Araya 7x Super double wall rims. And the 20x2.125 tires are the size I always rode with. The seat is a little fatter than the 1987. It is from 1988-1989. The brake pads are newer Dia-compe. The AD990 brake arms were repainted and the paint is a little bubbly. Not very noticeable at all. Looks like it is about time to get the pedals repainted. I have had those pedals since probably 1986. And I got them used.

Frame Serial Number: 4871846

Component List:
Frame: 1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model
Fork: 1987 GT Freestyle fork
Headset: GT Epoch
Stem: GT Block Stem
Handlebars: GT Pro Performer
Grips: GT/A'me Supersoft
Brake Levers: Dia-compe Tech 77
Seat post clamp: GT
Seat post: GT Lay-back
Seat: GT w/Wing logo
Brake Calipers: Dia-compe FS-883 Nippon Front / AD990 Rear
Crankset: GT Power Series 3-piece
Bottom Bracket: GT Power Series Sealed
Spider: Tuff Neck Disk
Chainwheel: GT - 44T
Chain: Izumi (NOS)
Pedals: Shimano DX
Wheels: GT Superlace wheels - Chrome Superlace hubs/Chrome Araya 7x Super Rims
Tires: GT 20x2.125
Extras: GT Bolt-on Frame and Forkstanders
Rotor/Gyro: Odyssey Gyro

Click images for larger view (caution approx.250k each):